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Jade Solch

Dark, feminine, small batch works. Intertwining hand building, wheel, and mixed media.

Rae Riedy

Wheel thrown, functional ceramics. Simplistic design with a pop of color and texture.


Jordan Campbell

Wheel thrown functional pieces.

Anderson Davis

Work that shows facets of assembly or of being hand made through forms that resemble areas of attachment or with gestural marks on the vessels themselves.

Arias DeRienzo

Ornate statement pieces, and I'm developing the pottery for my ready wear line to be more simplistic with a focus on fun surface design.

Tori Tippin

Loud, proud and unapologetically me.

Drew Foster

Focus on the intersection of gender and sexuality and how those experiences get shaped through a spiritual or religious lens. Poetry and reclaim scriptures from childhood open up a conversation about the need for queer-affirming religious community.

Kimia Sojoudi

Where architecture and ceramics collide.

Tracy Cummins


Functional wheel-thrown pieces with hand-painted, hand-built and sculptural embellishments that explore the intersection of science, geometry, flora and fauna.

Jules Cricchio

Simple and clean works.

Katie Wise

Wheel-thrown functional pieces with intricately carved patterns and accent the texture with washes and glazes.

Sandy Parrott

Vibrant, colorful sgraffito designs inspired by my love of nature and whimsy on wheel thrown pieces practical for everyday use.

Carrie Crowl

Handmade functional pottery, focusing on intricate carving with a pop of color.

KC Marie Roberge

Hand built illustrative pieces, mainly featuring slugs and nature.

Olivia Cantwell

Wheel focused forms that are never two of a kind, finished with bright and bold details.

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