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So, you are ready to play with clay! Here are a few things to note before we begin:


-Craftmanship is extremely important… take your time and try not to rush! Clay is a tricky material especially because it takes a long journey from your hands to the final result:

              - First, your piece will dry out completely and then enter the kiln for its first firing (1600F +)

              -Next, the piece will be coated in a dinnerware and food safe glaze

              -Your piece will go back into the kiln for a second firing (2000F +)

              -After the piece cools, it will be packed safely for travel to the pickup location

              -You will be notified via email when your piece is ready, and it will be waiting for you at Falls Family Farms – 2954 Forbes Rd, Gastonia NC 28056


-Clay is a natural material and you will be making this piece with your bare hands and the help of simple tools… this piece will have markings that show a human made it, not a machine. Embrace the textures your hands create!


-Your clay will undergo a lot of heat and stress under the pressure of the kiln, sometimes pieces crack, or appendages (handles, sculpted additions) fall off. This is the nature of clay, and a refund will not be issued if your piece gets damaged.


-This piece will be food, microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe.


-It will take a minimum of 6 weeks for your project to be completed, you will return to Falls Family Farms to pick up your finished piece.

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